1. Add value for your clients. A firm newsletter allows you to demonstrate to clients your full capabilities. Most accountants dislike being stereotyped and a newsletter helps to promote a positive image of your firm.

2. Cross-sell additional services. Each newsletter clearly displays the range of services your firm has to offer.

3. Get ahead of the competition. Show clients and prospects that you are proactive in your efforts and that you too are committed to growing your business. Demonstrate by example that your firm is committed to growth.

4. Get more quality referrals. Give referrers something to remember you by and share with their colleagues and friends. Newsletters also help define what types of services you can provide to prospective clients.

5. Maintain regular contact with your clients. Stay in your client’s mind, encouraging contact and enquiries on a regular basis.

6. Improve your image. Redefine your image with your clients and prospects.

7. Cost-effectively promote your firm consistently. Marketing is an overhead that needs to be managed. The cost of a newsletter marketing strategy is easily tracked, measured and managed.