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Hosting and support BlogLite BlogPlus BlogPro
Secure local hosting
HTTPS secured domain (2 years)
Dedicated IP address
Domain management
Australian support
Spam filter
Malware detection
Site backup daily Daily Daily Daily
Blog maintenance Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
Software updates 6 Monthly 6 Monthly 6 Monthly
Dedicated IP Address $ $ $
SSL security pack $ $ $
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Blog design BlogLite BlogPlus BlogPro
Custom designed website Basic Advanced Advanced
Mobile optimised
Contact form
Widgitised sidebar
Website review Annual Annual Annual
Website redesign 2 Yearly 2 Yearly 2 Yearly
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Blog content BlogLite BlogPlus BlogPro
Editable web content
Images and video feeds
Blog articles per week 3-4 5-7 8-10
Contact form 1 1 1
Blog mail $ $ $
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Social media BlogLite BlogPlus BlogPro
Social media share buttons
Social media follow buttons
Infographic reminders and tips
Auto scheduled social media posting
Youtube integration
Social media feed
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SEO tools BlogLite BlogPlus BlogPro
SEO monitor
Social monitor
SEO reports
On site website optimisation
SEO reporting keywords 3 3 3
Search engines reported Google Google Google
Annual SEO review
Site auditor and diagnostic tool
Google analytics integration
SEO Premium extension $ $ $
Local SEO extension $ $ $
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Pricing (excludes GST) BlogLite BlogPlus BlogPro
Design credits* 5 credits 5 credits 5 credits
Annual subscription      
Inital cost $1,095.00 $1,395.00 $1,995.00
Live website cost $1,095.00 $1,395.00 $1,895.00
Monthly subscription      
Initial cost $1,095.00 $1,395.00 $1,895.00
Live website cost $109.50 $139.50 $189.50
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∗Design Credits A design credit is a unit of monitoring the number of designs prepared for the client.1 design credit = 1 design presented to the client and; 1 design credit =1 revision



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