Website Add-Ons to Make Your Website Even More Incredible

There are many features and applications that can add to the look and functionality of a website. Our websites already have a range features that aid their designs and usability. Here are a few more that you may want to consider.

These items are not part of the standard website packages and you will need to add them separately. Add-on prices are shown on the order form.

You may have an idea that is not shown below and are welcome to chat with us or make a suggestion for an new feature.

Dedicated IP address

An IP address is a virtual web address like the address of a house. Just as several people can share one house address, multiple entities can share the same IP address. By contrast, the owner of a dedicated IP address has exclusive use of and control over that address.
A dedicated IP address has some extra benefits. It allows you to use an SSL certificate, view your website via its IP address, provides a faster response during periods of high traffic load, better protection from IP blacklisting and hence better email sender reputation.

Web security package

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, securing the transfer of sensitive data such as credit card or login information between a web browser and a server.

An SSL improves the security of your website, increasing your brand’s presence and improves your client’s trust in your website. In addition, there may be some SEO benefits.

All web security packages include a choice of SSL type and a dedicated IP address.

Fully responsive web design

A responsive website is designed to respond (or change) based on the device being used to view the website. A responsive website viewed on a mobile device will adjust the sizing of its text and images, as well as move from a three-column layout to a single column display.

Price table

Including a price table on a website is an effective solution for firms offering a range of services with multiple pricing tiers.

Scheduling Application

The appointment plugin provides an easy system to your clients to book appointments from your website. We provide several options based on your specific requirements.

FAQ Page

Save answering common questions and client concerns with a FAQ page. The FAQ plugin makes it simple to create individual FAQ pages that include titles and descriptions.

SEO Premium

SEO Premium helps optimise the content on a website’s pages, image titles, meta descriptions and XML sitemaps.

It can improve a website’s SEO performance through features such as snippet preview, page analysis functionality and ensures that a website is found at the right URL.

Local SEO

Local SEO helps websites rank higher on Google in their local community, which can improve the chances of the website being found by clients or customers in the local neighbourhood.

It provides search engines with the information needed for a website to appear in local search results and can also improve a website’s usability.

Online payment

Add an online payment options for clients. Integration costs will include the method and payment gateway that you are working with.